The story of FunSense

FunSense began in 2016 but its story goes further back in time. We ara a family-owned and operated company and the idea of FunSense was born from a time when our child needed something to help cope with challenges related to sensory processing disorder (SPD). A weighted vest was recommended to us but every vest we could find either looked like a life vest from the Titanic or they were absurdly expensive. So we never purchased the weighted vest.

However, the need for the vest remained and when our family moved to the USA for a few years, we discovered that there actually were products that looked and felt like normal garments. We were absolutely thrilled to find that it was possible to design and develop these products with the child as the end-user in mind. Therefore, we decided that we want to bring this ideology with us when we returned to Finland. We felt then, and we still feel that for a products for children with special needs should be designed first and foremost for the children.

We provide an extensive selection of products and toys for children with ADHD, SPD or other challenges of the autism spectrum. These products include chewable toys, fidgets, wighted products, compression products and other products designed to help the child focus, calm and better cope with schoolwork and other everyday situations that may be challenging for a child with special needs. We also provide a range of products for schools, day care centers and occupational therapists.

Many of our products are also suitable for elderly people and people with disabilities.

We work in collaboration with a wide variety of experts to improve the general understanding of the various neuropsychiatric challenges. We believe that educating the schools and teachers will inevitably improve the quality of life of many child with special needs.

We are here because being different is not a fault, it is an opportunity!