Finger squeeze

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A fun and colorful way to excercise your palm and finger muscles.



Do you need a way to strengthen the muscles of the fingers and palm? Or do you just need to keep your hands and fingers busy while focusing on a task? This Finger squeeze is a perfect fidget and exercise in on ball. The ball features grooves for every digit and it comes in five different colors that each represent a different firmness.

- Perfect for fidgeting
- Designed specifically for strengthening the musckes of the hand and improving coordination
- Includes sample exercises
- Suitable for all ages
- Diameter 10 cm
- Colors:; red (semi-firm), yellow (very soft), green (soft), blue (firm), black (extra firm)
- Does not include latex
- Not suitable for chewing


Additional information

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Erittäin kiinteä (Harmaa), Erittäin pehmeä (Keltainen), Kiinteä (Sininen), Pehmeä (Vihreä), Puolikiinteä (Punainen)


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