Therapy putty (emotions), green

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Therapy Putty is an extremely versatile sensory tool. Pinch, pull, roll into a bouncy ball and squeeze the putty until you find the 9 colorful pieces hidden inside the medium resistance putty.

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Emotion putty includes 9 different face figures that express happy, mad, confused, excited, scared, stressed, sleepy, alert and embarrassed. The multi-purpose putty also encourages stress reduction, fine motor planning and heavy hand work.

Therapy Putties provide multiple ways to develop muscles, improve coordination, relief stress and improve fine motor skills. Packed in a convenient tin, the Putty is also a great travel toy for sensory seekers.

Especially for children with ADHD, sensory processing disorder, autism or weak finger muscles. Does not contain gluten, casein, latex or soy. Colors may dye if they become in direct contact with fabrics. Use under adult supervision. Not a toy. Not for mouthing or chewing and not for children under the age of 3.


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